By demolishing its headquarter structures, LACMA is splitting up its collections, sending them to the four corners of Los Angeles., fragmenting the museum, requiring you to drive to a half dozen branches in molasses traffic to see parts of the balkanized collection, just as the new Purple Line subway is arriving at LACMA’s front door.


Los Angeles County sprawls across 4,751 square miles, from the high desert in Lancaster to the oceanside in Long Beach.  Even assuming LACMA can find affordable land on which to construct the satellites it claims it will build, the question remains where will the money come from? The County cannot underwrite such an undertaking; it doesn’t have the budget.  Nor does LACMA.  Under the current plan to span Wilshire Boulevard, LACMA is shedding about 145,000 square feet.  Museums average around $1,300 a square foot to build.  (LAMCA is spending $1,873 per square foot on its proposed Wilshire Boulevard downgrade.  See More here….)  Apart from destroying LACMA’s mission to pull the strands of culture and art together, satellites would be a fiscal ball and chain, piling around $188,000,000 onto the $511,000,000 debt LACMA proposes to incur for its present proposed debacle.

Onto the next unforced error: WHAT EXACTLY IS THE MUSEUM HIDING?