"There must be a better way to update LACMA than this incredibly expensive plan that will actually decrease gallery space!" amy steinberg

"LACMA in its current form is beloved by many Angelenos. It’s one of our true public spaces. I believe that if more people knew how radically the Zumthor plan would transform the museum’s footprint on the city and funnel people inside the building, they would oppose it. There are lots of other reasons too,  but I want the Supervisors to know that Govan has done an end-run around the general public and gone straight to power brokers because he knows the Zumthor design would not have popular support." Eric Gudas

"I want preserve LACMA in its current form and give people access to more art on the gallery walls, less on storage." Eric Gudas"

"I have traveled Graubunden Switzerland to see and study Peter Zumthor's work, I also have spent hundreds of hours in encyclopedic museums like the Met and LACMA. In weighing the comparative value of the two, I know that the deep first-hand study of a rich historic art collection like LACMA's is worth so much more than a fast architectural experience.  I support this petition. Save LACMA; let Peter build a little pavilion." Gil Spaier

"This project is another disastrous attempt by Govan to throw out the baby with the bath water. Too small, too rigid, too expensive. We don’t need a kunsthale; we need to maintain our access to this great encyclopedic museum. FIRE Govan and start over!" Stuart Magruder

"I don't want to see the permanent collections broken up." Erik Seversen

"I cherish art and the classic campus of LACMA.  We need more space." Randall Klarin

"Stop this project now!" John Sherwood

"This was a misconceived effort from the start. Time to stop, take a deep breath, and start over." Bob Bookman

"We are lifelong visitors to the museum - this is not a structure for art but a platform for a starchitect." michael devine

"I never thought it a good idea to visually obstruct Wilshire Boulevard in the first place. Now that galleries will be lost, it's an even worse idea. Please go back to the drawing board and realize that not all "bright new ideas" in architecture will work for our prized collections and for the public." Kathleen Trinity

"Make room for the art to be showed!" sophie LEGUILLETTE

"Arts need space" Mireille Kadifa

"I am not renewing my membership until this monstrosity is cancelled.  Spend the money on the collection. Then I will contribute again." Barbara Kaplan

"It's a terrible, flawed concept and design. Not worthy of a potentially world class museum. The infrastructure should grow, not shrink." Ron Segall

"We need a bigger LACMA, not a smaller one!"Chris Durant

"The reduction and mothballing any portion of the Museum’s collection or “satelliting” the collection is beyond shameful. Once undone, how could the entire collection ever be restored?" Ken Levy

"I have been a LACMA supporter for decades & deeply concerned about this misguided project from the beginning. What kool aid did the Board of Supervisors drink before they approved this appalling plan? Thank you for organizing the resistance!" Cordelia Howard

"The Zumthor plan is a wholesale abnegation of the core mission of LACMA and its duty to the citizens of Los Angeles County.; and while some may find the irony of replacing the iconic LACMA infrastructure with a wholly inadequate, ego-driven “Hollywood-style, look at me” folly that satisfies a precious few individuals’ need for self-aggrandizement as duly appropriate in an entertainment nexus, the end product of this expensive and time consuming  process will come at a huge cost to  the vast majority  of those LACMA should be catering to, while temporarily assuaging the insecurities of a few carpetbagging LA poseurs, cementing a negative reputation the Southland has struggled to free itself from. This is not the action a so-called “world class” city takes; it is the process of a provincial backwater beholden to far too many special interests. Reject this plan and approach a new path with the maturity and longview of an important, influential creative center." ERIC BUCHANAN

"I have been comforted by this museum and it's collections since I was 17 years old (and able to get in free as under 18). What have you done with the pieces I have loved to visit, and how will I ever see them again? Please reconsider." Diane Cunningham

"I am an art lover and a LACMA member and I think the new plans are a terrible mistake." Byron Gross

"This is an abomination! LACMA is about Art not buildings" Vincent De Stefano

"Oh where to start?  1.  Was there even a design competition or was this Only Gowan’s idea?  2. Arrogance of putting giant stomping footprint on our major East - West Wilshire Blvd corridor. You don’t have to go to Italy for this gas station overpass:  look only to the 7 Illinois State Tollways (1959) of which one is demolished and 2 are slated to be gone (especially Lake Forest Oasis).  Why would anyone in LA want to look out the window at traffic?  3.  Cost of cooling the walls of glass when sun sets?4. Museum fatigue engendered by one gigantic boomerang structure a la NY Met, Louvre, Art Institute in Chicago (old museum buildings) when individual buildings a la Getty Center are more user friendly?  Easy egress to rest, have coffee, enjoy the outdoors.  I fear Zumthor from Switzerland really does not understand our Southern California climate and that we do not want to be constricted in one building overlooking or sitting next to a busy street.  For a beautiful building look at Calatrava’s Milwaukee Ar" Diane Nordell

"Who ever heard of REDUCING the space of a museum while spending millions? This smacks of egos and not stewardship." Vicki Porter

"We need more  art space not less" KIMBERLY SIZEMORE

"Art--Not Ego !!  Save LACMA" mir faugno

"Work with what we have already!" Isabel Lane

"LACMA is one of my happy places. I'm either in the museum or on the grounds at least once a week. I see the exhibits, I attend special events and prefer it over any of the other contemporary art museums in Los Angeles, and there are many. From the first time I saw the artist renderings and the scale model, I was extremely disappointed. My initial emotional reaction was that this is not a design representative of one of the finest contemporary art museums in the United States. I don't believe that this design will stand the test of time, and I don't believe that it has the reverence and Architectural Prestige that a collection of this enormity should be housed in. If the Jetsons were to build a Palm Springs hotel with a freeway overpass, I think they've nailed the design. For one of the great museums and one of the great cities of the world, it is a 100% total and utter miscalculation on the part of the trustees, and those responsible for it." Chris Johnson

"This alone must sink this architectural venture:  "The new 650 million—which many architects and developers predict might balloon to one billion dollars—to shrink itself drastically will have no staff offices, no conservation lab, no library, no study rooms, no classrooms, no event space, no parking, and a drastically smaller auditorium. It will bake into future annual budgets costs for unnecessary off-site rentals and facilities that will soak taxpayers for millions of dollars in perpetuity and absurdly excommunicate its staff." Evangelina Catillo

"L.A. deserves it!!" Miguel Duran

"The museum is beautiful, fully informative and needs only a few additions/improvements. That is the research and development needed now before any action to tear down or change the museum in any way is carried out." George Fish

"The plan is a mistake. Please do not break up the collection and parse it out to various places. It is a museum to be proud of." Katharine Paull

"I’m signing this petition because our museums and national treasures are under increasing threat of being dismantled or altogether disappear. We need to do all we can to avoid this national tragedy from happening. Restructuring the LACMA is a national disaster that will have severe cultural ramifications on every adult and child in the city of LA." Lars Jerlach

"Why tear down a perfectly good and beautiful building to build one that looks like a freeway overpass." Susan Dasso

"We need Art." Yoga YouYeah

"LACMA has the best collection among all the wonderful art museums in the Los Angeles area, and LACMA needs to keep as much of its art on display as is possible. For example, in my dozen visits to the Getty Center over the last decade-plus, the museum did not display the most famous photograph, "Tears," of Man Ray, one of my favorite artists. Hence, I have never seen it. The Los Angeles area's group of top museums is the region's greatest aesthetic asset, given the ugly suburban sprawl that largely defines Southern California. During my years in Huntington Beach, from 2006 to 2013, I visited the area's outstanding museums about once a year: LACMA, the Norton Simon, the Getty Center, the Huntington, MOCA, the Broad, and the Getty Villa." Gray Richardson

"Don’t spend money on an ugly building with less gallery space. Invest in building the collection and on programs.  This new design is a monstrosity. I am a LACMA member.  I really care." ruth Goldway"

I believe art should be displayed not archived." Pedro Cruz

"This is a disgrace to Los Angeles!" Aaron Paley

"As a professional who consults on museum design, storage, exhibition and preservation, this is a terrible project to dump on the city of Los Angeles." Paul Himmelstein

"We dropped LACMA membership after decades because of the misguided policies of the current director. Please restore LACMA to a museum FOR the people of Los Angeles County !!!" Alfred Cellier

"LACMA's collection will be destroyed if the Govan/Zumthor plan goes ahead.  We deserve better. LACMA deserves better." Evelyn Kalka

"There must be a better solution than sacrificing 65% of the museum’s wall space. This is unacceptable." Melissa Reischman

"This is a insipid building design, put forth after a completely undemocratic process. Worse, it holds less art, not more. This idea of displaying LACMA's encyclopedic collection that they no longer have room for, all  around the city because LA is "decentralized" is juvenile. LACMA must do better for the people of LA County, and the people of the world. Use all this money to build a museum that is inspiring AND performs the functions of a world class museum." Consuela Metzger

"This is a ill conceived plan as museum architecture that is an insult to the great collection of world art brought together by LACMA donors and curators over the past decades," Evan Maurer

"I support saving LACMA." Gail Graff

"I believe with deep conviction that the present redevelopment plan for LACMA is academically, intellectually and fiscally incompetent, a smugly shallow act of cultural and historical vandalism." Will Chandler

"The design of the new museum makes no sense. I am in complete agreement with this petition." Elizabeth Davis

"It's insanity to make the museum smaller--absolutely negates the value of the growing collections" Kay Cash-Smith

"Visits to Los Angeles aren't complete without a visit to see LACMA's important and comprehensive collections. The joy of those visits will be significantly lessened with less collection display space and I also enjoy the diverse buildings of the present campus." Sherman Clarke

"Los Angeles needs to have access to LACMA's outstanding collection. It does not need a monument to the ego of the architect and the museum director." Joel Safranek

"the idea sounds foolish" Greg Hary

"To lose such valuable wall space to showcase such an incredible collection due simply to a new design is inexcusable." Doug James

"The current LACMA building is an institution and should not be torn down. What a waste of money and resources--especially since the new building will have significantly less room to showcase art." Meredith Jung

"It's obvious this is a very poor plan." Ruth Britton

"I wish to keep the cultural history museum intact, at it's present location near a historical home, in the hands of local financiers rather than California funding and controlling the style and presentation of local historical items of interest." Kimberly Wood

"As a retired city planner and urban designer, this strikes me as one of the great affronts to the Los Angeles cityscape." Christopher Pine

"I’m a member and have been opposed to this design and process which has mostly taken place behind closed doors!  We angelenos and all art lovers deserve better!!" Licia Perea

"Too much art in storage" Jean Ballantine

"I agree 100% with the description of this appallingly heartless destruction of our beloved museum with the new plan's proposed gains completely overshadowed by the losses." Frieda gordon

"Read the petition. Then come on. Look at this silly design. Forget it." Gordon Pattison

"what a ridiculous waste of money." Wendy Dembo

"This museum is a shadow of it's former self. I was a member for years. No more. Scrap this project and get back to you roots. You are not a contemporary art museum." Victoria Parret

"A bad design decision will consign the collections to a uncertain future." Cathy Romero

"I grew up going to LACMA with my parents and then, as an adult, had the amazing opportunity to intern in Costumes and Textiles department. I don’t live in LA anymore but I still love to visit ‘our’ museum on trips back home. What an insane travesty this proposed destruction and construction would be for no foreseeable purpose or betterment of this already  wonderful museum. Pure ego and greed.  Just don’t do it!" Carol Eagle

"It doesn't make sense spending more for a smaller footprint Will the span across Wilshire withstand a major earthquake quake? Where's Rienzo Piano when you need him?" Andrew St. John

"I am over 70 and cannot remember a time from childhood until now when LACMA was not part of my life. The proposed new design is ugly, at best, impractical at worst. It is also insulting to those of us who admire the multi-story, elevator-enhanced existing structures.  I am not handicapped - yet! - but wonder how anyone who is would be able to navigate one, stretched out building from one end to the other. WHO SAYS WE NEED THIS CHANGE?!  IT'S JUST ANOTHER WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, FIXING SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE." KRISTENE Wallis

"I love LACMA and am heartbroken that so much money and energy are being spent to "improve" this excellent facility. So sad!" Holly Geil

"There are some things that I just don’t “get”; thus is one of them." Stephanie Morehouse

"It makes no sense to destroy the existing museum and replace it with an inadequate one that cannot house all the collections!" Terri de la Pena

"While I understand the desire to have an iconic building to raise the visibility of a museum as the Guggenheim did in the city of Bilbao, Spain, this design is severely lacking in function." John Sachs

"We need new art and to pay the employees higher wages, not a new building!" WENDY GOLDMAN

"I grew up going to this museum! Always loving the permanent collections as well as the contemporary exhibits. Such an educational experience as well as inspiring me to make Art!" E Christina Herr

"I believe it is a huge waste of money to redesign a building to make it smaller. The point of an art museum is to display ART, not to store it." Wendy Prober-Cohen

"The trustees need to know that the public deserves a better and functioning design." joan kincaid

"This is the stupidest waste of money I have ever seen. Right up there with reducing the available parking for a rock. I am and have been a member for decades. No more."Gregory Dart

"It’s unacceptable to build a SMALLER building that can’t encompass the museum’s permanent collection to provide ongoing opportunities for the public’s education. And besides that, it’s an ugly building. Don’t let this Zumthor horror be built." Michael Masterson

"$650M ? Seriously? when there's a homeless crisis in our state..." Wendy Klein

"Reducing museum space after spending tons of money ? Brilliant!" Dilip Tiwari

"When has anyone ever protested a museum's construction? Think how bad it has to be to generate this much anger." Anthoyn Blake

"LACMA shouldn't be decreasing it's lot size, it should be increasing it and the collections size."Joel Francis

"Instead of tearing down the current museum, how about adding a LACMA Museum somewhere in the Valley, where there are no museums? There must be enough things in storage to create another museum. Tearing down all the current buildings is outrageous in my opinion, and then building that ridiculous structure across Wilshire Blvd is even more ridiculous." PATRICK STAMBAUGH

"I think the plans are ridiculous." alison davis

"This disappointing design was kept under wraps for years and then moved along quickly without adequate input and evaluation from the community and qualified critics. Rather, wealthy donors, Hollywood stars and celebrities, and politicians climbed on Michael Govan's bandwagon and ego trip. The design is pedestrian at best and severely reduces the exhibition space for the permanent collection under the guise of satellite exhibitions. Tale a good look at Zumthor's design... it resembles a Palm Springs community college library on steroids. Too bad we had to go all the way to Switzerland because Los Angeles doesn't have a qualified architect to provide a purposeful design that could have been thoughtfully added to the existing campus. Maybe we need rethinking on restoration and expansion before we totally destroy William Pereira's original 1965 classic building." John Cressey

"I'm a fifty-year former L.A. resident and beneficiary of LACMA's great collections. What a shame to destroy that history and relegate so much more of the collection to storage. It's not too late to change course. Do it right!" Immanuel Spira

"Terrible idea" Claire Thompson

"I want to enjoy the ART and have a functionable building....Too much politics...too little funding!   Stop this now.."Rona Berns"Function FOLLOWS (meaning, comes after) Form when you 'design' from the outside-in." Bart Priince

"The museum is WONDERFUL as it is!!! It should be designated an historical landmark. Who wants more museum and less exhibition space??" Nikki Capahaw

"LA County has a unique opportunity to create, not only an EXPANDED facility, but also an iconic structure worthy of a world class city and the design capital of the world.  I've seen restaurant pavilions that straddle freeways in Europe that look better." Jim DiBella

"We need more museum space, not less!" William Gregory

"LACMA should focus on its collections which requires more exhibition, storage and office space and not on the perceived ego boost a shiny new museum designed by an internationally known architect brings to a handful of donors and Board members." mark hasencamp

"As a long time member, I don't want to see this atrocity go up." David Schiffelbein

"Ugly Building. Less Space for ART. Worse Traffic on Wilshire Blvd. Bad idea. I'm an Artist and a LACMA Member." Bernard Fischer

"This is absurd" Donna DiBernardo

"LA is always quick to tear down. Once again, not necessary.  More art.!!!!" Bobbye Gordon

"It’s a travesty" Michele Swisher

"This design is a travesty that only serves the ego of the designer and those who hired him. Why spend this kind of money to build a smaller facility? And to ask the residents of L.A. to shoulder the burden of the additional funds? This design is short-sighted, impractical and really ugly." MARGARET WYNN

"It's the right thing to do!" Hattie Aho-Chun

"Hudson says so" Carolyn Terry

"This design is not a good fit for the collection. Stop it before we waste resources —and have to close LACMA and spend too much money." susan klein

"An improvement is not one that has less space and is less functional. Function over design is what is needed!" Barry Woods

"I think the new museum is a boondoggle." Deborah Alexander

"I love LACMA and I would like to see it improved, not destroyed." Andre Dressler

"The proposed design is awful. It looks nothing like a museum and gives little space for exhibits." Colleen McAllister

"Boondoggle bonanza." john lomax

"So unnecessary. I'm heartbroken that my favorite place is being destroyed." Mary Ruth Koogler

"because the museum was  by design allow to decay, so they could put up a new museum. The museum was only 50 years old,  How do you tear down anything that is 50 years old, and then have a gimmiky design? Unless to make yourself notices, and for the wrong reason" amy galaudet

"I am a retired museum curator with many mentors and friends in the profession, include a couple of LACMA former staff. Like many others, I regard spending a ton of money to end up with a smaller museum as madness." Mark Morey

"I like the current museum campus and hate wasteful spending and needless destruction." John Goldfarb

"Build for opportunity, not a closed community. FREE the ART!" Ann Thanawalla

"Art matters" Eric Baker

"Great sadness that so much energy and money will have gone to a building, with less space than the present facility, and not to the collection." David Impastato

"I love LACMA." Gloria Barrios

"I don't agree with the present architectural plans and I don't was a reduction in gallery floor space."  Keith Solomon

"Such a waste of money. Don’t do it!" David Landau

"LACMA and its patrons deserve better." Kathleen McClure

"The public money would be much better spent solving our homelessness problem. And LACMA will lose crucial space for its permanent collection, as well as the indoor-outdoor flow." Ethan Pack

"Density development for everyone else, but LACMA gets to sprawl across Wilshire? It's a mistake aesthetically to build the museum over Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile and culturally insensitive -- our beloved art museum evoking a freeway overpass ..." Ann Rubin

"Dispersing the collection contradicts the concept of an encyclopedic museum. And the Zumthor design makes no sense for all the reasons stated in the petition and more. Plus the reported claim by it supporters that great art museums are single-story contradicts the facts -- the Met? the Louvre? and many others. May the Zumthor design for LACMA join that of Rem Koolhaas." Carole Uhlaner

"Having known your museum  this seems completely unworkable cancel cancel cancel." Jan Nelson

"These millions should go to education,  homeless for example. It is elitist and an unnecessary waste of funds"Melba Levick

"More Debt and less art, less space for fun field trips for school kids, less space for students to learn how to conserve art? Why? Because of an ego project for some architect? It makes no sense to tear it down. Spend the money on giving free days to students to see the art, participate in art classes, have music and art events. The building as it is works fine!" Kristen Andersen

"I have been a member for decades, but am not renewing this year. Please rethink this travesty for LA." Patty Fiden

"Save LACMA! END HOMELESSNESS!" sammy loren

"Because I value this space and it’s collections. It has been formative in my education." Mariah Feeney

"This is a monumental waste of money!" Olga Roth

"All the reasons in the petition" Norman Green

"Please stop this myopic project!"Ken Niles

"This insane ego-driven project will unnecessarily destroy decades of Los Angeles art history and tradition, not to mention forever transform the neighborhood that contains the museum....yes, LACMA, you are part of an established residential neighborhood. If this craven project proceeds, The Miracle Mile will become The Disastrous Mile." Karen Lievense

"LACMA is a key cultural institution of Southern California, and it deserves so much more than what Zumthor is planning. The white elephant that is his overpass monstrosity does not meet the future of LACMA by any means whatsoever. Zumthor’s “building” is an affront to both aesthetic sensibilities and human-oriented design." Samuel Siegel

"Any new museum (or expansion) should include spaces for all necessary logistics such as for staff, lab, events, etc. The space should malleable to allow for evolving collections and exhibits. The public, as stakeholders, should have a voice in planning the new space." Stephanie Llewellyn

"Art needs to be seen." William Bishop

"Stop!" Eileen Duncan

"Estan locos  Regresen al la maquila de diseno. Go back to the drawing board. What is happening to our city.?????" Yolanda Gonzalez

"We deserve more not less." Dayle Kerry

"I'm sick of my history being taken away by today's society." Teresa Carnes

"I agree that more discussion is needed!"Linda Sue Carter

"This is an *HORRIFIC* mistake and it must be stopped!!" David Fruechting

"We need a design competition for designing additions to the current proposed design. The program: more display space, staff offices, conservation space, and, oh, let's get rid of the bridge over Wilshire." Robert Nicolais

"Terrible idea." Elisena Clark

"Save LACMA for the people! Art demands to be seen!" Mary Dalton

"I  don't think it's a wise move." gail zone

"I love the museum as it is and it ridiculous to spend money to make it smaller." Chihiro Sabo

"I care" patti torocsik

"Terrifying to think of some works stored. also I feel the amounts of money involved are so corrupting." Claudia Torres

"I worked at LACMA for 10 years. This is a travesty, part of Govan's "edifice complex"!" Erika Esau

"I'm signing because the design falls very short on design quality and art-display capacity from previous goals." Carlos Chavez-Andonegui

"Art is what makes us human -- what could be more important than that?" Susan Fiore

"I would like it if the permanent collection was shown year round. I love the German Expressionists paintings and prints. The museum needs to have the space to display their permanent collection. It should not have to be hidden." Susan Leonard

"We are patron members and do not contribute to pay down debt !!" chertkow Chertkow

"This plan is ridiculous. We canceled our membership." Wendy Free

"Tobie Schwimmer I don’t want to donate anymore to a museum that has lost its way." Tobie Schwimmer

"This idea sounds ludicrous to me! Save LACMA!" marianne schappek

"Newer is not better. This design makes LACMA a short destination for tour bus viewing. Respect the collection!" Lynne Toby

"I'm signing because this plan makes no sense at all." Sally Cruikshank

"I'm signing because this plan is absolutely ridiculous!  Please stop it now!" Paula Jones

"I thought all was lost.  Thanks for this effort to turn things around.  The plan is awful." deirdre catalano

"Only a barbarian-alike mind could come up with an idea of tearing down the iconic Babylon-like LACMA's gate. Save LACMA for us and our posterity!" Darko Mitrevski

"All of the reasons given in the petition. Also with today's awareness of how construction practices contribute to climate change concrete is known to be the building material with by far the highest associated carbon emissions. This all concrete building inspired by an oil slick is a design from yesteryear. I hope LACMA and the county are brave enough to go back to the drawing board for a more efficient forward thinking design that accommodates the museum collection and allows growth." Karen Bragg

"reducing space and eliminating the mission of museums by cutting space for the actual work that museums do is ridiculous. Stop this stupid project." Janet Kipling

"What a total waste of money which could go forward, if not expanding the space needed, then to art education in Los Angeles!" Kevin Pike

"Common sense needs to prevail" marc schwartz

"I'm signing because I want LACMA to grow into a great museum, not a bridge over a busy street." James Smith

"The new design is awful. It looks like a gallery not a museum.  The new museum needs to have MORE space for art not less." Richard Rice

"This is a cultural and social tragedy.We can not only say goodby to a crucially important institution we can say goodby to the thousands of families of all ages and ethnicities who have enjoyed everything the beautiful grounds and social programming  LACMA has offered. The new LACMA will not only do disservice to the collection itself, it will become the all-white exclusive bastion it was never intended to be." Kathleen Whitney

"A white building facing the afternoon summer sun, across a major thoroughfare. Learn from Disney Hall and avoid this glaring mistake (pun intended).The new building should be bigger, not smaller. LA will continue to grow. LACMA should grow with it, and not in "satellite galleries."" Katherine Gould

"What is happening to our premiere museum is a travesty and must be stopped." Alana Emhardt

"Lacma is a Los Angeles treasure and should be supported publicly." Patricid Kirkish

"It's obvious that, in this case when the focus of the museum is the building, art will suffer. Fine art, being education from the past, should not be placed in storage at the discretion of who happens to be in charge at any given time." Dean Blau

"Rethink this project from the beginning before it's too late." Eunice Howe

"there must be a better way ..." Frank SMATHERS

"LACMA is the foremost institution offering residents and visitors access to the great breadth of world art. Other museums may have great strength in certain times and places; these enhance the cultural foundation provided by LACMA but do not replace it. The Zumthor building would severely damage access to the LACMA collection and undermine arts education and appreciation - a direct contradiction to the fundamental mission of LACMA.Signature architectural works are great for raising the visibility of a city. But LA is a city that already stands in the top tier across the world; it doesn't need the Zumthor.  The $650 million dollars would be better spent on collections, special programs, outreach and scholarship. In the digital world, over-investing in physical monuments reveals a lack of imagination and foresight." James Hess

"I love lacma. Saddens me that it will become such a useless expensive building with no room for the collection" laura grosz

"Shrinking LACMA inside immovable concrete Walls is an insane decision and one without a thought to the future of our city" Susan Dudeck

"Museums save he best of what we are. Making it smaller shows complete disrespect for that." Dennis Lynch

"What a dreadful plan; it must be stopped!" Wilma Mottin

"LACMA has an excellent permanent collection which has never been showcased properly. That’s where the museum’s focus should be." Laura Farnum

"What a revoltin' development!" Robert Turley

"Don't destroy LACMA's collections and go into debt to build a smaller museum."Deborah Whittaker"The LACMA plan needs to be re-evaluated❣️It makes ridiculous to spend that amount of money on less space❣️"Betty Lackie

"!!!"Meha Magesh

"�"Michael Becker

"I love the unique character of LACMA as it exists now.  I do not want LACMA to  build something that will reduce the number of art and artifacts that can be exhibited. The new design is atrocious.  I have been a member for years but I am not sure I will renew- right now there is hardly anything to see.  I used to bring friends to LACMA, there was so much to do and see. I haven't been since they started closing galleries. I took many classes there but now there is very little left to draw or sketch." Kathy Doramus

"I believe we need to support the Arts! LACMA lives!" Cheryl Branum

"I’ve been a long-time member and supporter, but the plan for the new museum facility, which would severely cut back on exhibit space and force many permanent collections into storage is outrageous and unacceptable. I will not be renewing my membership" Chris Maxwell

"Please reconsider this plan. Sacrificing so much exhibition space is a terrible idea." Robert McEntegart

"I do not want to lose a fine example of the work of Portuguese architect William Pereira--" Millicent Accardi

"Waste and destruction is a terrible message to send in a completely arbitrary decision to down size. Are there any savings projected from this, or more likely increased costs for new storage space. Was there ever a real project program or just a rush job to rope a European Theoretical designer?" John Maloney

"The current design does not fit the needs of the museum. Why go ahead with a design that is so deficient? Find a new architect !" Penni Montalbano

"Any major fool can tell you you don't destroy museums, you build new ones. Who's the bright financier that said an adjustable rate on the loan was the best way? Anyone with common sense knows different. I guess it's true that the dumbing down of the people starts at the top. I thought all you artsy fartsy types were college educated. Obviously this a money grab for someone. I just wonder how many someones plan on getting fat from this great plan.....螺"Ron Peterkin

"The money can be much better spent on the Museum's collection, lowering the entrance price and having more free days to interest the public in LACMA.  This is a ridiculous waste of money, particularly because it makes the space smaller, rather than larger." Karen L. Bizzini

"Why? LACMA is an experience in ART:)"Kathleen Dapper

"I'm signing because this project is a disgrace. Govan lied about wanting to expand the square footage. The amount of taxpayer dollars being spent to shrink our museum and replace it with Zumthor's eyesore is sad to say the least." lori leboy

"My art professor at Pierce College that most of the famous masterpiece paintings at LACMA are presently in storage and unable to be seen by the public, Is that most, many or some ? Who makes that decision and for how long?" Matthew Wolfson

"It is common sense and logical."Matthew Wolfson

"Elementary my dear Watson."Matthew Wolfson

"How dumb can they get."Matthew Wolfson

"Absolutely correct." Matthew Wolfson

"It does not pass the smell test." Matthew Wolfson

"Please please please dint hide this amazing, wonderful, world class collection of art!!!" Terry Devine

"It’s just wrong to put art in storage..." Solange Schwalbe

"I am opposed to a new, more expensive building (with less space) than the current building. I am opposed to less room for the LACMA collection. Work within the current buildings for expansion in phases that will be affordable and beneficial to museum supporters." Francine Taylor

"Elevated single story structure to span Wilshire creates huge, dark, cold spaces like freeway tunnels. Another huge, expensive structure where questionable form dominates and ignores function. Hope they put that giant, multi-million dollar "floating" rock inside, so it won't continue to be ignored off to the side. I'm sure they will have plenty of room for it, along with all of the other collections. Stop and start over. Please" Larry Russell

"There are entirely better ways to waste this money than by building a structure that will provide less access to the collection."Helen Osborn"There is nothing wrong with the existing LACMA structures. They are handsome, dignified, and thoroughly functional. It is insane---INSANE---to destroy them in favor of this ridiculous, Wilshire Boulevard-straddling flying saucer. Who wants to look at art with roaring traffic underneath them? Who wants to look out the windows of an art museum and see. . .roaring traffic? You're trying to tell me that $650 million would not be better spent on countless other things? This is utter madness." Rip Rense

"I’ve lived a block away from LACMA my whole life, it’s devastating to see the landscape of my childhood razed. Stop the homogenization of Los Angeles’s character!" Lily Noyes

"How much sense does it make to spend millions to build a museum with less display area than LACMA has now? Fix and upgrade but do not destroy! Let the people visit the various buildings of LACMA; they may enjoy the experience and make new discoveries." Christof and Karin Schwab

"Who benefits from this boondoggle?" John Whittaker

"I love all the original buildings at LACMA. Please don't change a thing!!" Nancy Ogg

"Art saved my life." Morgan Ames

"I feel strongly that as much of our collection as possible should be on view at all times.  Please don't sacrifice art to architecture!" Susan North

"It's insane to build a new set of galleries that have LESS space for exhibitions, as well as distancing curatorial staff from the galleries." Anthony Arn

"art is important and should be shared with the world and all who want to view it!" Ava Petrille

"Are you (LACMA) out of your mind? The Zumthor concept is insane." Edgar Saenz

"An art museum should be designed first and foremost to exhibit art - this building is not compatible with that very basic objective" Alison Woods

"I love going out to L.A. for visits and I always enjoy LACMA and walking around the tar pits. The images from film and tv, were burned into my mind, long before I got to experience it for myself. Keep LACMA as it is."  steve beale

"Spending more to shrink floorspace sounds like a terrible idea." Joel Metzger

"Because it is an awful plan." Alexander Rossi

"We should not erase our collective history because once it’s gone it is gone forever. Please do not erase this Los Angeles landmark!" Vincent De stefano

"I have read several articles on the Museum and it doesn’t sound good. The museum will span Wilshire because they are running out of space on the museum site. Obviously space for a building footprint is precious in LA, so, why only one floor? A four level addition was just added to MOMA in NY and that works. Michael Govan complaints there are not enough elevator clicks at the existing LA County museum mean nothing, people will go up the elevator, or put in escalators. There was some discussion about raising the building up off the ground to avoid gas fumes that could be harmful to the artwork. Foundations can be ventilated so that is just another poor excuse. I think there has been a lot of bad planning based on bad information and now there is a bad design that should be stopped." John Jacobsen

"I have withdrawn my membership of 40 years because  this form of the proposed architectural debacle lacks function. Our collection - yes- ours - it is the  L.A. County Museum of Art" Paulette Rochelle-Levy

"Govan's "plan" was an incompetent scam.  LA deserves better than this." Elaine Brandt

"Spending close to or over a million dollars to shrink a Museum is absurd. Something is rotten in Denmark."Alfredo de Batuc"Vote no on prop 13"Nancy Sunfield"This just doesn’t make financial, architectural or curatorial sense!!!" Julie and Mark Myers

"The distructive absurdity of this architectural blunder, and historical travesty."denver tuttle"This is a travesty."Gretchen Heffler

"The story of plans for LACMA is increasingly scandalous and criminal, and artistically disastrous, with hundreds of millions of dollars wasted to end up radically shrinking and diminishing a major art museum" Mira Schor

"Stop this destructive hubris. Choose art over egotism." Kim Abeles

"It doesn’t sound like a good plan" Colleen Foltz

"I am horrified to hear of the museums plan to shrink. The debt to the city to do this is also inexcusable. This cannot happen. It’s too great of a museum to loose." Jennifer Stern

"Information used for planning the project is flawed so the design is flawed. The museum needs rethinking and redesign." John Jacobsen

"LaCMA is a great museum and we need it. We do not want to lose it" cynthia stewart

"Do not take away art to build a new, smaller museum!" Shelli Thomas

"This museum is the heart and soul of education in Los Angeles. Why are you trying to diminish its importance this way?  Don’t make it smaller! Keep its integrity and ability to reach thousands of visitors a year with space to accommodate all aspects of what a great museum needs."Margaret Gledhill

"this money is a waste and is only a monument to the architect’s ego" Nicholas Gervay

"I don’t want LACMA to waste the ART" stephen woodruff

"The museum does not need to go further into debt to shrink its size!!" Natascha Corrigan

"It's a worthy cause." Carol Ring

"What a cultural and financial dystopia the proposed new LACMA will be—an insane plan that must never be realized." Nancy Spiller

"My friends and I have worked in the art community most of our lives and we know how important it is." Ethal Frida

"Although I support innovation, I believe the plan for the new LACMA takes the museum in the wrong direction- rather than expanding and improving on outdated buildings, there is too much emphasis on architecture and not any on the artwork, it’s primary function." Eve Rappoport

"I love LACMA And I understand that all things evolve and change over time. What I don’t understand is this project." Jeffrey Mayes

"I support the arts and my family" Laci Campbell

"LACMA has lost its way. I used to be able to take my UCLA students there and do in-depth studies. Not any more. There’s not enough for them to study now, and they want to reduce the collection?" Eleanor Schrader

"Because wafty buildings are oversold and overbuilt." George Keskeny

"Clearly the people who have decided to do this do not work in the museum world. I know of NOBODY who has ever wanted to shrink the size of their space. And, to get rid of storage facilities and in-house conservation is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. It is a logistical nightmare to move things to and from offsite storage at the best of times. Whoever proposed this idea and the people who support it should be fired and replaced by people who understand the needs of museums and what a disaster this proposition would be." Tracy Leach

"This is an idiotic idea" Constance La croix

"The idea of a new LACMA is absolutely ridiculous." Deanna Stephenson

"because  it’s a waste and unnecessary" Kathryn Hinkle

"Keep lacma and use money to bring art to south l a" Michael Schwartz

"I signed because the best artist I know thinks this is important." Christopher Ketchum

"A world without art loses its history and its identity!" Karen Machon

"The proposal, as outlined here, is ridiculous!" Lisa Valentine

"Art makes us civilized" claire sharp

"Because there is a lot of history in the current lacma and value in existing architecture" laura morton

"LACMA is great the way it is" Zoe Garcia

"Form over function.  LACMA should expand its exhibition space, not decrease it." Cindy Bendat

"Losing square footage for the current pice tag is insane!" Mohini Moore

"Enough of the ridiculous!!!" Stanley Lewis

"More museum, not less." Napoleon Lustre

"I don't believe the new museum serves the citizens of Los Angeles/Southern California. Building a museum that actually shrinks exhibition space; and has no plans or possibilities for expansion is ridiculous! Back to the 'drawing boards' if that is even possible" Michael Rodriguez

"I approve this message. This is insanity."John Geary"We must preserve the best of the best so that all may thrive." Mary Bogue

"More galleries and more art on display is what we need not this ridiculous bridge design! We don’t want or need it." Roshan Reporter

"Any design that features less gallery space, less art to explore, is a huge waste. Please re-think this." Gregg rainwater

"Los Angeles need better gallery shows" phyllis babila

"The collection at the museum should not be compromised in any fashion. It is priceless and if anything, should be expanded. Architectural  design should enhance not encumber." Laurie Finkelstein

"Art is beauty. Art is expression. Art is culture. Art is educational. Let’s expand the space and not shrink it." Hildi Yanez-Viadero

"i'm sick of this shit. Isn't our city already being compromised enough by builders!" jacki shepard

"I'm signing because this is a terrible idea." Ron Modro

"LACMA is a cultural gem the way it is. Why change what works ?" Diane Acosta

"This new building does nothing to enhance the collection & it's needs. This building is a wasteful ill designed vanity project that threatens LACMA's validity and prestige." Cliff Lamb-Rosas

"Michael Govan’s vanity project would be a disaster for our community.  It is time to put a stop to this awful project and eject him from LACMA." Mark Sprecher

"This sounds insane!" SHIRLEY Dougherty

"The new design does not meet the needs- a smaller building and its an eyesore to span over Wilshire Blvd. But mostly because the existing mid-century modern buildings are classics and just need some enhancement." Andrea Bardack

"Please go back to the drawing board.  Do not build the new museum!  It is too small and does not represent Los Angeles modern architecture.  Thank you." jeanette lamb

"I love LACMA and especially, in recent years, it has enjoyed such success as a center and meeting place and has leader stature in the art world. I took art classes there as a child in its opening years and the Pereira architecture stands as a testament to the changing tastes in architecture. For many years it was out of fashion but it now stands boldly in the face of the post modern intervention. It is once again understood as a stylish and serious design and fits into a continuum of a worldwide movement of late modernist architecture. It is unusual as a kind of bridge with classical and brutalist overtones it paradoxically weakens the postmodern addition. It is a tragedy to destroy history- the heart of a museum’s existence." Roxanne Steinberg

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!The absurd design of the proposed building is ridiculous!"Catherine StClaire

"What I’ve read about this is not good... horrifying in fact. I urge the city to reconsider." Lorin Hart

"Tragically miss-guided planning!" J Sandmeier

"A new building is a bad idea"paul lee"Don’t take on another 500M in debt in order to become SMALLER and LESS FLEXIBLE!" Paula Chambers

"Absurd. This reeks of malfeasance. Someone is making a profit off of this misguided venture and it isn’t the people of Los Angeles." Erin Smith

"LACMA should be relocated and the area made a park devoted to the world known La Brea Tar Pits as was planned in the 1940s."Delmer Sanburg Jr

"This project is too expensive and for what? Shrinking  the museum?  It makes absolutely no sense." Deborah Hobbs

"Clearly whoever is directing this project is in the wrong job. Museum space must be adaptable and moveable. Get museum curators involved in this and kick the clueless, greedy construction guys to the curb. What a horrible, non-functional design!" Christina Nelson

"This sounds absurd. If true, you really need to rethink this." Mary Lou Gale

"a museum is the collection not the building."Gilbert Young

"I spent a lot of time at LACMA as a child - back when admission was free. This was how I first learned of other cultures. LACMA is an invaluable public resource, and it's collections must remain accessible to all." Paula Sherrin

"I already don't understand the closure of main buildings and the fact that I cannot see any painting for the next 3 years : this is not what LACMa stands for." serenella tonini

"if you have financial problems, this is the wrong answer, hold a gala or something, and be smart not sneaky."rewolf71 Bauer"Its important."margaret mulder dibona"Art is what makes us human." Jarret Halker

"I want my kids, Stephen and Pete, to be able to see Lacma in all its glory!" Carrie J. Ferguson

"It is not a conceptually sound design. The concept might work for a small museum with a small collection, but having a background in gallery design this plan gets an F." Larry Kauffman

"because they should spend that money on upgrades and more art, they are losing members because of this plan." cathy green

"I want our permanent exhibition space to remain" Helen Fishman

"As a longtime member, now former member, this design is silly and incredibly wasteful. Part of the charm of LACMA has always been it's diverse campus and buildings. This is a massive metropolitan area and contracting the capacities of LACMA, particularly  the lack of conservation labs is absurd. The existing buildings have the capacity to be updated and modified, with many useful outdoor spaces which have been left to deteriorate.  LACMA is a diverse wonder and always has been. I recommend looking at what DAM – Denver Art Museum –has done.  A very thoughtful blending of old and new structures and updating. One would think if this LACMA idea had community support in a wildly rich area like SoCal, they would have no problem getting funding raised. Seems like a great time to fire the director." Brett Ridpath

"Clean house by firing the current board members who support this hair brained notion, the inhouse and contractual fund raisers, and the architectural firm. Start over with a clean slate." Leslie Parsley

"I love LACMA. I travel 1500 miles to visit it, and treasure the memories of exhibits I have enjoyed there. You have an outstanding resource, worth protecting!" Judy Hinton

"I am signing because the current design creates more glass walls than solid walls... which is why more of LACMA artwork will be in storage and not hanging on the walls for the LA community to see.  Also, everyone in the art community knows you do not allow direct sunlight to shine on artwork (it will damage the artwork). Let's take ego out of the decision making and remember all great museums have lots and lots of solid walls and very few windows!  Stop NOW" Jan Book-Meyers

"Don’t destroy the art for a building design." mitzi malet

"Save our city right now!"Donald Bluestein

"The new design is obviously way to small!"B Morgan Martin

"I love LACMA in its current form. The amount of art on display is magnificent, to break up the collection to satisfy some bigwig’s or architect’s ego would be a tragedy. Leave it ALONE, it’s perfect as it IS!" Brandon Bailey

"This plan makes no sense. Better a Guggenheim collection than a Guggenheim building."Thomas Cullen

"It is the right thing to do." Shane McDowell

"Please revitalize this institution in a way that benefits its collections and visitors rather than someone’s architectural ego." Jane Cadieux

"Just a horrible idea." Douglas Eisenstark

"Because LACMA is an historic landmark. Any changes must first be approved by the community. It’s genuinely awesome the way it is. There must be public hearings and proposed changes must be made accessible to LA residents prior to any alterations. This sounds like a developers greedy scam to get money. Perhaps these folks could repair dilapidated infrastructure instead. And not take money from the museum budget. Stop this project, hold the funds in trust." Nancy MacNeil

"I wanted to be excited about this design, but the more I looked into it, the more disappointing it became. The people of Los Angeles County deserve a world class museum that prioritizes access to the art they collectively own. As it is, the new design seems to be all about creating a flashy tourist destination." Edmond Johnson

"A shameful waste of money, space, & prestige." Patrick McGowan

"I visit LACMA whenever I am in LA and this is highly distressing. A great city is about great art, not buildings." Doug Hall

"It’s extremely important." Christina Anderson

"Please be thoughtful about our museums future!!" Amanda Hall

"I Love the LACMA just what it is now... a great complex to share and to visit for great expositions." Max Mayorga

"I used to work at LACMA and the system there has been broken for years. Stop this insanity." wendilyn emrys

"The existing building can be up graded, it is an esteemed architect, and a beautiful mid century building. It should be saved." Terry Bolo

"I’ve been a patron of LACMA since the 1970s. We NEED this museum to become larger NOT SMALLER." Elaine Davis

"I love LACMA and it needs to grow and add more artists. We WILL never be members again under the new plans." Maureen Smullen

"lacma needs more space not less to showcase the amazing art in it's collection!" Kim Turner

"We need more gallery space, not less. The money would be better spent on expanding exhibitions not changing architecture" Andrea Moeller

"They should buy back the “missing” Gustav Klimts that have been sold to anonymous buyers (after the show at the Museum many years ago." Cicely Gilman

"It's the right thing to do." Kathleen Marvin

"I may now live in another state, but I was a long-time resident of Los Angeles from my childhood until 2013, and LACMA was one of my favorite places to go for cultural enrichment. I always thought that for a city and county the size of L.A., LACMA was too small. And now to shrink it???? It makes absolutely no sense culturally or economically. I want it to grow, and be there for all future Angelenos." Robert Llizo

"This is not just about architecture and art. I have such fond memories of going to LACMA with my family when I was a child, and also the many times I came here with my son, or with friends, and I know that this place is a part of our collective memory.  It is not just a building full of art. It also holds and preserves our personal histories and help us connect to our past.  Please do not take this away from us." Ruth Steinhart

"Save the art for future generations to enjoy! Don't lock it up in archives." Beth Hoffman

"This is one of the great museums in the world!!" Diane Lansing

"Stop this ridiculousness. Art museums are about art not new buildings to house art!" Sabine Steck

"I grew up at LACMA and want to show my son the paintings and art that inspired me." Ana Rey-Oktay

"The Zumthor design was originally weird but kinda interesting conceptually (a take on the oil slicks of La Brea Tar pits, which are adjacent), but it had problems (creates a freeway underpass condition over Wilshire Boulevard, isn’t large enough to hold the permanent collection). The refinements watered down what was interesting (it’s white instead of black now, so now it’s not a blob of oil, now it’s just a generic unidentified blob �) but didn’t really fix the problems. It’s gotta go." Jonathan Edewards

"It is cheaper to renovate or maintain. The excuses about asbestos blah blah are bogus." Francis x Gentile

"Seriously - All for change, but love the many buildings and diversity of architecture and art. More complexity! This is 2020 and LA - embrace it, no to fascist clean-lined simplicity." Stephanie Bartron

"Waste of money big time" alex schaefer

"We need art and culture in the City." Mei-mei Cheng

"I would hate to see that museum disappear. I have lived here for over 49 years and have been visiting for all these years and then as a guide for foreign visitors. We desperately need to keep it going!" Rosemary Graham-Gardner

"The LACMA is an important and essential museum that belongs to the people of this great state! It is violating the will of the people to change or remove the LACMA and the art within!" Theresa Marasco

"There is much important art that needs to be displayed for their educational importance. The museum needs to be flexible enough to handle future exhibitions."Jody Snyder

"All of the works should be available to be seen. This is a dismantling of a great museum."Terry Derrick

"Expand on what we have. So t mess up what already works. What we know and love."Troy Dalmasso

"I have been visiting LACMA for more than 50 years. I can not stand by and let yet another case of 'ego over function' architecture destroy our beautiful museum." Andy Sykora

"The LACMA museum plan is wrong on every count. STOP!" Soraya Newell

"The collections should not be split up" Kathleen Guillaume

"I love LACMA! In recent years, it has enjoyed such success as a center and meeting place and has leader stature in the art world. The Pereira architecture stands as a testament to the changing tastes in architecture. For many years it was out of fashion but it now stands boldly in the face of the post modern intervention. It is once again understood as a stylish and serious design and fits into a continuum of a worldwide movement of late modernist architecture. It is a tragedy to destroy history- the heart of a museum’s existence." carolyne aycaguer

"I will cancel my annual subscription if this goes through." monalia ventress

"We need the arts for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by!" Aron Rivera

"The new building is a universally panned version of the originally lackluster design. Let's go back to the drawing board before we have a white elephant in LA. This is an art town now, but not if we screw this up!" Peter Monroe

"hideous architecture! abusive to art!  stop before it's too late" David Bond

"It is an horrifying plan to say the least!" Ingrid kornspan

"This museum has been a very important part of the public’s learning on so many subjects.  We need to keep as many displays available for all the different interests of the community, state and the world.  Who or what,  is capable of making a decision to eliminate  one display?" Armida Torres

"Was a member when I lived in SoCal. The existing building was always a pleasure to go through and they had an excellent contemporary collection. There is no reason for wanting the new monstrosity other than someone's vanity project. Spend the money on art and access to it." David Garrett

"Build more, not less!" Josh Schweitzer

"I believe art is in the eye of the beholder. To destroy this Museum would banish the existing  art to be banished from admiring, seeking beholders." Nancy Adams

"I want to be able to see all the art. This is art vandalism." Michael Gliona

"Let us all see art!" Sampson Hill

"Great cities have great museums. This is why I live here." Charity Burnett

"We need to keep every museum we can. They have history." Susan Proctor

"Los Angeles needs to value its museums & art collections far more than." Paulette Sharen

"why would you ever build buildings that don't allow you to display as much art?" patty cornell

"Our art deserves an amazing home!!" Jami Daskalas

"Zum ”Eigentor” A cultural, architectural “ own goal” Zumthors design is trendy garbage." jurgen gross

"This change would be devastating!" Virginia Hoyle

"Have the building serve the collection-not the other way round!" Margaret Thornhill

"Ridiculous pompous project, while planning to show LESS art, because that would apparently not be the focus anymore?!" conny lederer

"This is a scandal! Such a fantastic museum!" antoine tarantino

"I'm a member of LACMA and have been one for a number of years. I go to the museum frequently.  I live not too far away. From what I can see from the model and what I've read, the building stinks. And it includes a bridge over Wilshire Boulevard!  So this new concept about experiencing art involves the noise of constant traffic!  Oh there's going to be less traffic because of the new subway line.  And yes you trustees will be getting to and fro the new LACMA by Metro! This I gotta see!  Save the wrecking ball from our beloved present LACMA.  Do the right thing by reconsidering the destruction of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art." Murray Aronson

"I loVe LACMAPlease never change" Wendy brazill

"The concerns raised are alarming. It sure seems we can do a lot better for less." Rick Mann

"I love LACMA as is. It's where I go when I visit home. The plans to lose square footage and staff offices all sound like ill-conceived vanity ideas. Please don't." Jessica Wick

"I'm signing this petition because I won't let the oligarchy in Los Angeles ruin the museum that has been established already just so they can put their name on it!" Rachel Diamond

"Our city history and our art is about to be lost!" Chris Jackson

"I love this Museum and its wonderful collections" Jean Forneris

"The absurdity of razing a functional space in order to replace it--at exorbitant cost--with a less functional space is emblematic of everything wrong with Los Angeles. Stop, think, scrap this plan." Jacquelyn O'Sullivan

"I am signing because I love LACMA" Paula Davidsen

"I'm signing because the original LACMA was designed by William L. Pereira & Associates and specifically by my father Gin Wong. What that museum has done to the gorgeous modern, originally-designed structures is appalling. But, despite that, what they propose is worse.  I'm in favor of them renovating the beautiful original buildings."Janna Healy

"I grew up being able to absorb these masterworks and enjoyed being able to see them again and again. What a loss."bridget bojorquez

"we cannot justify throwing away those buildings- as unattractive as they are.  Much can be done to reconfigure and reuse them. The Zumthor plan is LAZY.  Not willing to deal with complexity- they attempt to wipe the site clean, so they can build Starchitecture for magazine covers, while failing to create a cohesive heart of the LACMA campus." cecily young

"Je signe parce que j'aime les vrais musées qui présentent beaucoup de belles collections permanentes." Marie Helene DESJARDINS

"We need to see art to learn about art!" Kathleen Scott

"Newer isn't always better when it destroys the essence of LACMA." Christine Daluga Thayer

"A terrible idea for an unremarkable museum!" Loren Kaplan

"i have been happily visiting LACMA for decades, since the sixties, and have loved the whole thing, admired the breadth of our local collection.  I am alarmed to learn that a new museum with a smaller capacity is even being considered.  If anything, MORE space for the millenia of wonderful and astonishing artworks is what is called for.  If the planners are desperate to build something new, build it somewhere else.  Do not ruin what we already have!" Karen Fish

"Our collection is prized and made a destination for countless tourists. Ruin something just because you can? Please don’t." Nicki Higgins

"I visited that place several times so It must be saved!" rod chushan

"I have never liked the idea of redoing the iconic buildings that firm LACMA. Especially did not care for the design." Melinda Trefzger

"I want more space not less" jaime gonzález

"Save the Museum LACMA and the collection ! Il faut sauver le musée de LA et ses collections permanentes !" Geneviève Ponge

"What the hell?!?!?  DON’T DO THIS!  Leave our LACMA alone!!!!" Susan Winsberg

"Build what makes sense.  We don’t want a smaller museum with so many exhibits kept in storage.  Why?" Lisa Morris

"I'm signing because interaction between museum goers and the collections in no serious way informed the design of the new building." Kirby Shanklin

"the collection should be retained and displayed for the people who support it. the millions of dollars should be spent on maintaining the campus, and on more art" cathy green

"LACMA as it is currently built, allows more access to more critical art collections as there currently is the space to do so. Downsizing the current exhibition space by 65% is a huge disservice to ALL citizens and visitors alike. LACMA is a huge resource of essential  art collections that could become inaccessible to the majority of people the majority of time. LACMA’s collections  as they currently are able to be curated, are the largest catalogued collections west of the Mississippi. Intentionally building a building with 65% less exhibition space is intentionally depriving millions of learners direct access in their lifetime to countless collections. As a public school teacher who relies upon the fantastic availability of access to so many of its collections as a critical resource to teach integrated arts, I vehemently oppose ANY building design that reduces at all  the  current exhibition space of LACMA. Our city is a  current hotbed of innovation for the applications of integrated arts  and jobs in affil" Koreen Cea

"I think this is a stupid plan that was not given public debate in a timely fashion, with a lack of transparency throughout. The head of LACMA was on a local public station recently and he was intentionally deluding the public by saying that that square footage was going to increase substantially, without clarifying that the actual display space will decrease! Not to mention the climbing costs (and we might be putting up some of our art as collateral). And the stupid design, in general -- it's a museum, not a hike through the city. This city already has a sad lack of civic pride in its totality, with each City Council District fighting to suck up to developers, so this is not a surprising development, but it makes Los Angeles even more laughable in its lack of function for the residents." Kathy Bannerman

"This is a waste of our money and our museum!  You cannot throw the baby out with the bath water." Maria Murillo

"I love the permanent collection at the current LACMA. Now they want to take them away with rotating exhibits. No!" Rochelle Sollish

"LACMA is my favorite museum in LA and I've always loved the campus layout." Thomas Dorst Jr

"Unbelievable. Can’t help but wonder who ultimately benefits from this project.  (HMMM... I WONDER WHO??)  Whoever it is, it’s definitely not the tax paying citizens of Los Angeles or the public in general." Courtney Holtzclaw

"I’ve gone to this museum on dates, with family, with friends. So many beautiful memories."Rivka Pruss

"Los Angeles needs culture like few other large cities! Make it real, don't steal!"Marc Manser

"For history and culture. For my friends and family in CA who love this collection." CJ Simpson

"LACMA is my go-to encyclopedic art museum (sorry Getty you're too far away). Seeing that many of my favorite art pieces may be revolved in and out of storage for unpredictable amounts of time, and a memorable campus that could be saved through retrofitting instead be demolished is not how I want to remember this institution." Kenneth Chang

"save all museums!" angela DiMaggio

"Museums aré vulture AND they should show whats they have" Santiago Armida

"Foresight is in such short supply." janet korsmeyer

"Stupid idea. Stupid stupid stupid." SallyAnne Syberg

"¡Me llena de odio este propuesto!" Gabriel Ortiz

"The plan is horrible how can you have less exhibit space. Use the Wilshire lot for a 29 story garage with 5 stories if exhibition space in top" Gina Adelman

"We need to preserve this Los Angeles treasure. We need to be able to maintain and expand our current exhibit space, not diminish it." Carolyn Patterson

"Art matters." Gwen Rutherford

"Rotazione rotazione rotazione rotazione" ELIO PAPARATTI

"So let's ruin something so special and replace it with a smaller lifeless version with less art, education, no library etc. Not a smart move! A Bridge to nowhere, how absurd." Connie Bolger

"This “renovation” is not about art or Los Angeles at all, nor does it attempt celebrate, let alone recognize LACMA’s past, present, or future. It is nothing but a misinformed vanity project for Michael Govan’s own self-glorification. He needs to go." Raymond Canlas

"We used to have a membership for many years. And loved having it! We would visit permanent exhibits several times a year!  It was great to have it always there, waiting for our next "date" with great art! My husband and I find it almost criminal to limit space, keeping masterpieces in a storage, and destroying  existing buildings! Instead of investing in art appreciation programs and adding to LACMA's collection, this plan is going to waste a lot of money and only take away joy and support from the public!" Ella Tokar

"No museum in its right mind should do this." James perez

"I’m signing because LACMA is both a destination and a jewel, inside and out." Nina Treiman

"Art is what we strive to achieve... we need this" Jeffrey Bozem

"I’m signing because reducing gallery size and putting European masterpieces in storage as opposed to  creating a permanent display is crazy!" Rhonda Lawrence

"The project is stupid, illogical, and a waste of money." robert george

"LACMA should not be like other museums! It is unique! It should stay as it is!" Tulin Mangir

"Want to save the museum"Randy McCormick

"Disgraceful!!!" Damon Scharlatt

"I’m signing because I love art and LACMA’s mission is to make art accessible, not hide it." Joelle Bailard

"LACMA, as is, has been a hi9ge success! Please don't tear it down! My father, Robert Engel, donated thousands to build the museum in the sixties. Our family has donated precious Olde Master Art. We demand you keep this beautiful museum if you want our continued support!!" adrea caren

"Los Angeles deserves to keep its museum history, and value the sacrifices made by those who created it for future generations." Larry Murphy

"There is absolutely no reason to change our museum to fit the flavor of the day" jack sparber

"I love LACMA!" Enrique Duarte

"I agree there must be a different approach than razing our beloved OLD museum" Joan Baral

"It's a waste of money as proposed. Save the museum but do it correctly. "David Wagner

"I Hate museums which are storage" Herve Aaron

"I grew up going to LACMA. Having learned and discovered so much from my visits as a child and teen, I would hate for that experience to be taken away from future generations of could-be art lovers." Francesca Sassoon

"Why? Just why would you want a gallery to be an over glorified bridge with no good lighting control? Actually invest the money into making the infrastructure and programs better, not giving existing problems a superficial facelift." Anh-Tuan Le

"gaspillage d'argent pour une réalisation non adaptée aux finalités d'un grand musée." Marie-Claude LEONELLI

"The County deserves this unique universal museum built by thousnads of donors and millions of tax payers over its short life" Lionel Sauvage

"I love going to this museum its my favorite place to look at artwork and the history. Ive been their many times when I was in high school took felid trips." Yvonne Ball

"Corrupt bureaucrats and government private contractors are WAY out of control!!!�" Gina Riedel

"we need Museums" Renee Amitai

"It is my opinion that the current Zumthor architectural plan as described is absurd and simply architect hubris!I don't object to the proposed "Flyover" concept, however if it is not a practical exhibition space, it is not a desirable expense!It does makes sense to devise some sort of physical connection to a new wing across Wilshire Blvd., but not at the expense of expanding the available exhibition potential.As I understand the proposal, it would actually reduce the available exhibition footage, which is certainly not acceptable!Come on folks, be practical please! Back to the drawing board!" Bob Bassler

"LACMA is a beautiful museum that deserves much better than this plan is proposing." Bella Dadivanian


"Sorry, LACMA, “less is more” does not/should not apply to museums." Trish Benedict

"This new version of LACMA sounds appalling! Art does not belong in storage until its turn comes!" Rachel Schulman

"I want to save the museum, not bury it in a quagmire of debt." Dani Weaver

"Please stop this" LAURA MINGO

"pour LACMA,get a better project!" pascale rivault

"This is a travesty. Stop it" Laura O'Hare

"The redesign is very simply, a mistake, with the wrong priorities for a contemporary museum." Andrew Shalat

"It's a bad design. It's a security risk. And it disrespects the collection and the people who donated. If LACMAs curator wants a museum that is a never ending series of pop up art shows, he should rent a warehouse in skid row and do the work of getting pieces to loan. Don't take an encyclopedic collection and treat it as a plaything to be strut out at the whim of the curator." Peter Stark

"I'm an LA native and still have part-time residency there. LA cannot bear the weight of an ill-conceived and poorly designed construction project of this scale in this location. Work with the gorgeous buildings that are already there. Building solely with concrete is absurd. The museum should reflect the artwork and be able to transform and change as needed. That can't be done with solid concrete buildings. Anyone who has lived any amount of time in LA has cracks in the walls of their homes; imagine how this new building made entirely of concrete will look in just a few years. Back to the drawing board!" Jenna-lee Garrett

"I oppose the current plan to destroy LACMA." Scott Daves

"We need all these places to educate people" Hector Silva

"The design is an abomination!" Maria Gonzalez

"The logic here is irrefutable!"  Olivia J. Sutton

"This makes no sense!!!!! The museum should be about the art NOT the building that is completely dysfunctional." Wendyann Rosenfeld

"I'm signing because the permanent collection needs to be seen! We need MORE exhibit space, not less. The design of this new museum is inappropriate and will require offices to be located off-site. That's wrong. On top of it, the design is not inspiring. BFD that it goes over Wilshire Blvd. It's an ART MUSEUM. A new building should mean MORE SPACE FOR ART." Susan Kromka

"The reduction of gallery size is appalling and outrageous." David Lewis

"LACMA  is being destroyed by corporate greed and investors more interested in tax Shelters and write-offs  than the community that treasures LACMA as an arts and cultural meeting place.  Sure, renovations were needed.  But the costs of this ill advised construction could have  renovated and also better served community and education outreach Programs to inspire and support the arts. It is another example of privatization and the 2% playing tax games with our cultural heritage!!" Barbara Rosenblatt

"Why in HELL would you waste funds on changing a perfectly good campus when those funds could go towards acquisitions????" Melonie Magruder

"An outrageous public theft!" Nancy Lamb

"The new plan makes little sense!" Margaret Bowled

"I've been enjoying this museum and returning for my favorite pieces and new shows for over 30 years. This planned change is a disastrous folly. Please stop and re-vamp the entire project, with thoughtful, innovative growth plans." stephanie gaal

"Art student at Otis college of art and design and lacma frequenter who will be devastated by this new terrible plan �" Niklas Hoover

"LIVE FOR LACMA" Lena Hoover

"It would be shame not to be able to see the collections" Timothy Thurman

"I live across the street in Park La Brea.  My son and I are (or more correctly, used to be) frequent LACmA goers. U am the citizen who initiated and fought for three years to secure a signalized oexestrian crosswalk for residents to safely cross Sixth to enter LACMA grounds at Spaulding. My son and I are opposed to the crazy plan to make the galleries smaller in display capacity and send the collection all over town.  We are building a subway.  People from all over will be able to easily visit our county art museum. Don't saddle the public with what will surely bleed over 1 billion dollars for a vanity architecture project.  Start over!" Barbara Gallen

"Museums have an obligation, more, a sacred trust. Ego and idiosyncratic preference must give way to the public good." Gwen Freeman

"Because why would you tear down a perfectly beautiful, architecturally significant building?" amy grey

"It is a dysfunctional architectural disaster being foisted on the Los Angles. We can do better; we deserve better design." Olive Schroder

"Smaller is not better" Jherald Grisham

"I love LACMA just the way it is!"Dan Donovan"I love LACMA And think the new plan is a huge waste of money" Michelle Wolf

"As a daughter of an art historian, I am appalled with LACMA’s plans. The lack of transparency is questionable at best - who would benefit from this plan - not the residents of LA County, that’s for sure!" Agnieszka Rykaczewska

"This cannot be the future, storing MOST of the collection? That makes no sense. All because a few are in Love with this design? The building is inadequate for a city like Los Angeles. This building belongs in Mississippi." Joseph Dodge

"We need to save LACMA!" Elizabeth Charnley

"lacma and its board have a responsibility to maintain the standards they promised to their donors regardless of how corporations insist on cashing in by selling off their forgeries" Donald Mrkacek

"The collection needs to be accessible to the public so it will need space. This sounds like a terrible project." Alexandra Squiers

"The inefficient and costly design will not adequately house the existing art collection, let alone any new acquisitions." Gregory Nuno

"where is this petition going ?please send it to the Board of supervisors who voted your tax money to destroy Lacma" Lidia Rubinstein

"My support for LACMA will end with construction of the misguided conceptual one-note replacement museum. Los Angeles is now the epicenter of art and creative thought in the world, greatly in need of an institutional home.  My support of LACMA for the last twenty years or so, currently as a Friend level member, was for the home it provided to that community. With Govan’s plan, it will become a celebration of itself, and nothing else, when it could have moved itself toward becoming a multifaceted and fully enabled home for the factory of creativity that is Los Angeles." Gary Goldberg

"there needs to be an educated discussion" Nicholas Simon

"A fantastic museum.  Leave it alone." Marsha Waterbury

"Already beautiful- no need to downsize!" Davia Schendel

"Art museums should be about the ART, not the building the art is in." Ariel Martian

"Art should grow not be restricted. NO against spending millions of dollars for unfavorable outcomes" kay maban

"When I lived in Los Angeles, I spent many days off immersed in, and inspired by, the art at LACMA. Art is magical, both in its making and in its viewing, not yet another money-making commodity---do not reduce LACMA to a shadow, instead of maintaining it as the world-class museum it is, and was always meant to be!" Tanya Stewart

"We need to save the museum"Jeff Shaw"It’s important - and worth keeping!" Jack Denson

"I want to save LACMA" Diana Plotkin

"Please dispense with the current plan  that significantly reduces the amount of art work that can be displayed, as sharing the works is whole point of the museum and we, your patrons, want to experience as many of them as is possible." Monique Newman

"LACMA has a wonderful American collection & when I'm there it’s like visiting old friends." Pat Graham

"The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a cherished venerable institution which has served as an inspiration to residents and visitors for generations, a resource that deserves significantly better than this misbegotten redesign.  I have been a patron and member and advocate for LACMA , and must oppose this annihilation." Maurice Kane

"I love lacks" Annalisa Bogotch

"I did not renew my membership for the 4th year because of LACMAs decision to put most of its works in storage." galina dubinsky

"LACMA enriches people's lives.  It is a necessary learning tool for the public." PHYLLIS RIEGLER-LEVICH

"We should not be shrinking our encyclopedic art museum." Martin McClellan

"If theyre planning to create a bridge over wilshire, that should be used to afford the public more gallery space, not just instagram angles in open space" Zakary Mayall

"What a joke! The design defeats the purpose of the building. This building is designed by artists for art lovers, I know you can do better than this" Emily Katz

"My wife is a docent there." joseph aronesty

"We cannot lose this" Lilac Emery

"This is the opposite!!" jean devine

"What a waste of MONEY leave and repair what’s needed.  And the buildings are just a few decades old they should still hold up for a long time. Buildings in Europe stood for centuries!" Uwe Freyer

"I love LACMA!" Cynthia Hart

"The people of Los Angeles deserve to see the works of art curated over the years, not just a fraction of it housed in a smaller space.  The new building is a short-sighted project that does nothing for the future of art in the County of Los Angeles." Lisa Rockwell

"... because art is art, and the dimwits at LACMA consistently show that they know nothing of the sort." Kimberly King-Burns

"maybe instead of using the money to build a new place to store treasures, let's use the money to build places for the treasures sleeping on the street to live." Chris G

"We need more not less space for the arts.We need more access for the public - not less." Ronald Cross

"Really??  All that money to seriously reduce gallery space?" Marie Kennedy

"I love LACMA; it’s been a staple in my Native Angelo life. This secretive & ludicrous plan does not follow the models of Nordstrom or Disneyland who make the MOST of limited space. You must explain why you need all that money to minimize rather than create LA’s Louvre or Guggenheim..." Peter Santana

"Don’t want a smaller museum. Display all your art font store it!" Anait Abraamian

"less space....more UGLY!" Michael Smith

"Because I dislike the present design immensely." Inge Korv er

"This is not the way forward for LACMA. Stop before the damage is irretrievable." Fred Allen

"We want more space for exhibition, not less!" marjorie eissler

"I'm a member and do not approve." Saran K.

"We need the LACMA." Patricia Snee

"Los Angeles, CA is a cultural icon and deserves all the efforts to keep the places for culture. A society is called society per their art and traditions." ANGELA MORALES

"It’s obvious!" Caroline Cicero

"Any remodel should be done to expand the availability and presentation of the art collection not diminish it.  This is absurd." M H

"The new design is ridiculous. My tax dollars help to support this museum and I want to see MORE item on exhibit, not less." Joe Selph

"The permanent collection should not be warehoused. Curators should not be warehoused in offices away from the museum proper and this is a colossal waste of money. Less is not more in this case." Sherry Frumkin

"The LACMA museum redesigned/redevelopment is something that needs to be given a lot more consideration before *ANY* plan is implemented!" Nick Maiorino

"The building is old enough to be art itself. Please take the citizen's wishes into consideration when making such decisions!"  Joanna Linkchorst

"This is important!" Steve Linkchorst

"This is a crazy decision. Keep the museum intact for our future generation." Michael Mitchell