The proposed one-story building could easily fit on the existing campus site north of Wilshire. There is absolutely no need to bridge Wilshire in search of more land, and no need to require that the museum be built on a single level.


Anybody with a tape measure, calculator, and brain can figure out that all the square footage of the Zumthor scheme can fit just where the current buildings sit.

And why swallow the lie that one-story museums without stairs work best, especially since the proposal is a two-story building accessed by long staircases exposed to the elements: Didn’t anyone tell the Swiss architect that it actually does rain in L.A.? The museum’s requirement to put all galleries on only one floor so that exhausted visitors won’t have to climb a flight of stairs is ridiculous, and contradicts centuries of museum precedent, not to mention common sense. The proposal to gobble up the parking lot kitty-corner on Spaulding squanders LACMA’s future: The lot was acquired to generate income and/or to serve as a site for a museum expansion when the campus north of Wilshire ran out of land. It has not run out of land. The museum has run out of honesty. This is a vanity project, pure, simple, and stupid.

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